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Parva Studios designs elevated essentials that are sustainably made in Los Angeles.  The collection reflects an effortless style that is unmistakably LA - cool, comfortable and never fussy.   



Timeless, Ethical, Sustainable

It starts with thoughtful design, timeless silhouettes made with high-quality, sustainable materials to extend the life of each product we produce. Then we focus on minimizing our environmental impact by producing locally with factories that provide a living wage and eliminating unnecessary packaging. By choosing naturally derived fabrics, we can ensure each piece will find new life through recycling or composting.

Sustainability + Fabrics

Organic Cotton

Organic Cotton is grown without the use of toxic chemicals or genetically modified seeds, requires less water and emits fewer greenhouse gases than conventional cotton.  At Parva Studios, we require fabric mills to provide Organic Content Standard (OCS100) or Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification from Internationally recognized certifying bodies to ensure the cotton fibers adhere to the highest organic standards.

Lenzing Modal

Modal is a plant-based fiber known for its exceptional softness and durability. At Parva Studios, we only use globally-certified TENCEL™ Modal fiber from Lenzing AG that is weaved by mills here in the United States. Lenzing AG is the only company to produce modal using sustainably forested beechwood that has been PEFC™ or FSC® certified in an environmentally responsible process that is carbon neutral, recycles process solvents and water and uses 10-20x less water to produce than cotton. Not only does TENCEL™ Modal feel luxurious, since its fibers are derived from wood, it’s biodegradable and compostable.


Deadstock is fabric from designers that were overproduced or no longer needed. At Parva Studios, we only use deadstock derived from natural fibers like cotton, viscose and modal which means it’s biodegradable and compostable. Because there is no minimum for purchasing deadstock fabrics, we’re able to produce in smaller batches which is important for our mission and a necessity for fledgling brands. Luckily, we are based in Los Angeles and able to source high quality deadstock with supply chain visibility from our partner factory and reputable local vendors.